StarSwap Fair Launch (Liquidity Generation Event)

Star tokens will be launched on 4th of July with a Liquidity Generation Event

StarSwap is going to be the most fairly launched token in the Astar ecosystem. There will be a 100% community oriented Liquidity Generation Event.

People from the Astar community who deposit $ASTR into the LGE contract at any time during the LGE event will be apportioned a proportional share of the LGE regular allocation of 4.4M tokens at the end. This allocation is distributed to everyone who deposits $ASTR during the 72 hours over the vesting period of 30 days to 120 days.

The amount of STAR tokens users can claim will be based on the share of total deposits at the end of the LGE. Everyone who deposits $ASTR will have their Fair share of $STAR.

All the ASTR tokens collected from the launch, along with 3.6M STAR tokens will be used to seed initial liquidity for the ASTR-STAR pair on StarSwap.

This will make the price of STAR token go about 23% higher than the effective ASTR/STAR exchange rate for participants in the fair launch. This makes sure the community participants are already at profit.

The LP tokens received by the LGE contract for making these liquidity pools available will be locked in the LGE contract for a minimum period of time , ensuring plenty of early liquidity.

StarSwap Fair Launch Details

Tokens allocated for LGE

4.4M $STAR

Minimum ASTR required to participate

500 ASTR

LGE Launch Starting Date & Time

4th of July at 7am UTC

LGE Launch Ending Date & Time

7th of July at 7am UTC

Vesting of Star Tokens

The STAR tokens users acquire is vested and distributed in a drip feed manner. Users will be able to collect 25% of the tokens they are entitled to in every 30 days. So by 120 days all the tokens you've received in the LGE will be unlocked.

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