If there is a metaverse in the star world, that would've been led by the Skywalkers, isn't it?

Skywalkers is another ambitious NFT project built by the StarSwap team. It is designed to benefit and appreciate our early supporters, the OG members of StarCards NFTs.

So Skywalkers, who are they?

Skywalkers are the legends of the star world. The five fiercest rulers of the sky; of which, the first Skywalker, "Samui" will land on Astar Network by the end of May.

How do Skywalkers it benefit the community?

The very formation of Skywalkers is to appreciate our community. Samui (the first Skywalker) will be airdropped to our OG members with at least 5 StarCards in the last week of May. The support from the Astar community has been incredible and this is one of the many ways to appreciate them and to bring a good amount of excitement and positivity to Astar Network, during this extremely turbulent weather.

Samui NFTs mint in short (total 3000 NFTs):

1: Exclusive airdrop to OGs with 5 or more StarCards - 3 NFts each. (first 24 hours)

2: Minting for StarCards holders with less than 5 StarCards - Max 5 NFts at 200 ASTR each - OGs who got 3 airdropped, can mint 2 more if they wish, at 200 ASTR each as they are already above this group. (minting opens after the first 24 hours, lasts for 24 hours)

3: Whitelisted mint (no public mint for Samui): 500 ASTR per NFT; maximum 10 NFTs per wallet (Minting starts after the 48 hours period mentioned above). The above 2 groups (members with 5 StarCards and with less than 5 StarCards) can mint 5 more NFTs at WL price if they wish - maximum amount of Samui NFTs per wallet is 10.

Continue reading below to know things in detail..

We will take a snapshot on May 19th to confirm the OGs (our members who hold at least 5 StarCards) who will be receiving the airdrop of 3 Skywalker NFTs each.

What about the other members who have StarCards but less than five?

After our OGs claimed their Skywalker (OGs will have 24 hours to claim their NFTs once Samui is landed), there will be a 24 hours period for members with less than 5 StarCards to get a Skywalker for 200 ASTR per NFT (price for everyone else will be 500 ASTR); maximum 5 Skywalker NFTs per wallet.

Will there be a public sale of Samui, the first Skywalker?

No, there won't be a public mint. We want to keep Samui exclusive to our community members.

So how to get a Samui if you don't have a StarCard?

We will be having giveaways and contests in our discord and twitter for our members to win whitelist spots.

There will also be partnership giveaways with major NFT projects of Astar Network like Astar Degens, Astar Cats, and the other good teams.

Getting whitelisted will be the only way to get your hands on this exclusive NFT.

Price for whitelisted mint will be 500 ASTR. There will be a total of 3000 NFTs of the first Skywalker Samui. Maximum 10 NFTs per wallet.

How would Samui NFTs benefit the project?

StarSwap has a treasury, that gives a price guarantee with buyback option for our STAR tokens. 50% of all the funds acquired through Skywalkers NFTs will go directly to the treasury.

Will the holders of Skywalkers NFTs will be benefited in any other way?

Absolutely. Users who are holding Skywalkers NFTs will be able to stake their NFTs once StarSwap's DEX is launched in June.

Who are the other Skywalkers?

Please wait and see :) They will land on Astar Network in due time 🛸

Is there a Star World metaverse coming from the StarSwap team?

Noo idea. Right now our entire focus is on the DEX launch that's coming up in June.

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