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Here's an abstract of our roadmap
We believe in ‘build product first, and then launch’ instead of launch first, make all the hype and then screw up with the launch. That’s the main reason our community channels aren’t open yet. We will open discord and telegram once the platform is totally built, which will only be a few days from now.
Phase 1.
Connecting with Astar Network, Builders Application - April
Builders application was successful!
Phase 2.
Launch of StarCards NFTs - May 5th
StarCards launch was successful and sold out quick!
Phase 3.
Fair launch (LGE) of STAR Tokens - July 4th
Beta Launch of StarSwap DEX - July 7th
Phase 4.
New features to increase the utility of STAR tokens are added to the DEX - Aug/Sep
Phase 5.
Stable version of StarSwap DEX and other upgrades - Aug/Sept.
Phase 6.
Building a DAO for our treasury similar to the model of curve governance council.