Farming Rewards

How do I start farming?

To start farming and earning our high APR STAR rewards, first you need to add liquidity to the ASTR-STAR liquidity pool. That is our initial farming pair and more pairs will be added later. If you do not have STAR tokens, you can visit the SWAP page and get STAR tokens by exchanging ASTR. Once done, add STAR and ASTR tokens to Liquidity and stake that LP tokens in the farming page to start earning.

How do you reward the early adopters who provide you with liquidity?

To appreciate the support, both farming and staking sections will have 2 times more rewards in the first 10 days. The number of STAR tokens created per block (per second) is 10 for the first ten days and after that it is 5 STAR tokens per block, of which 70% is allocated to reward the farming users. By providing liquidity and staking early, you will be reaping in more rewards.

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