StarSwap Tokenomics

$STAR is the native token of StarSwap. You can earn farming and staking rewards in Star tokens. Here's the details of Star tokenomics.

Here's the Abstract of our Tokenomics:

>> 100% of platform fees is distributed to the holders of StarCards NFT. >> 80% of the total supply is allocated to the community and all the tokens created per block are sent to community members, no tokens per block is allocated for developers >> 10% of the total supply is allocated for developers team and vested over 50 long months

Maximum Total Supply: 1 Billion Star Tokens.

80% of the total supply and 100% of the platform fee goes to the community. By far, StarSwap is the only DeFi platform that's truly community-focused.

Initial mint ~ 10% of the total supply.

4.4 Million STAR tokens are reserved for participants of the Fair Launch. It is done as a 'Liquidity Generation Event' to make sure all the benefits of the token goes to the community in a fair manner. (vested)

3.6 Million Star tokens is added to the ASTR-STAR LP pair on StarSwap, and the balance tokens is reserved for PR, bounties, audit, social media and marketing purposes.

2 Million will be for early access + airdrop for the StarCards NFT holders (vested)

1% allocated for LGE as detailed above

2% will be allocated for early investors

2% is for marketing and PR

5% is reserved for security and insurance

10% is allocated for the team (vested)

80% of the supply is split to reward the community through farming, staking and NFT staking and other community activities involved in the DEX - this will be governed by the StarCards NFT holders.

10 Star tokens are created per block during the first 10 days and 5 Star tokens per block after that; for the farming and staking pools. Tokens are minted for rewards until it reaches total maximum supply. No tokens minted per block is given to the dev/team, 100% of it is going to the community.

70% of the tokens created per block goes to farming pools and 30% goes to staking pools - *this ratio will be changed later on when more farming and staking pairs are added to the platform.

NFT Staking Reserve

On deployment 1% of the Star tokens will be minted, added and locked as the staking reserve in the NFT staking contract to provide for the NFTs staked on StarSwap, up-to a maximum of 10% can be used for NFT staking to support the AstarCommunity over the years.

Monthly rewards for the community team members on Discord

To help us build a better community, we will be onboarding a few of our most engaging, most supportive members to a team role on Discord. Community team members will be helping us with the project's growth, community building, and collaborations with other projects. There will be a small monthly incentive for their contribution, as a token of our appreciation. We will be allocating 100K STAR tokens to contribute to this. This 100k tokens will be added to the staking pool and every month, on the same day, 10% of the total (rewards + the initial 100K) will be split equally to these community team members. Team reserves the right to make changes in this idea.

Incentives for liquidity providers

Swap fees are 0.3% which is split between platform and LP providers in normal cases (as a 50/50). It's the same in our case too. Except that all of the platform fees go to the NFT holders. LP providers still earn as usual and also the farming incentives.

How's the developers supported?

10% of supply is locked in the contract and vested to the team/dev over a period of 50 months. 2% of that 10% locked-tokens will be released every month, as a salary. Only 10% of the supply is allocated to the dev/team and in the remaining, 80% is allocated for the Astar community. This is to ensure that the developers team will have to work well and add more amazing features to the platform and also work to grow the community; because only then the value of STAR will have a steady growth which will have the fiat value of this monthly salary increase. At the time of deployment the value of this developer share will be minimal and the team will have to give its best to push StarSwap to greater heights to add more value to STAR token and to make what they get every month more valuable. So it’s a win-win for the team and the project.

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